Shop Vintage | 1950s Cotton Skirts

I'm slowly starting to build a personal collection of 1950s cotton skirts in a variety of unique prints. It's not really addiction, more so a pledge to comfort. Texas gets so unbelievably hot during the summer and it's hard to wear anything other than skirts, dresses and swimsuits. This time of year I find myself living in cotton skirts, dresses and, I'm not going to lie, cutoffs. It's madness not to really!

Lucky for you gals the vintage skirts below are all pieces I picked up yesterday for the shop. As much as I'd love to keep them for myself, I'm practicing self control and sharing the love. A couple will go into the shop today and the other two will follow tomorrow. Which print is your favorite?

 1950s Vintage Cotton Skirt
 Vintage Arrow Print Skirt
 1950s Cotton Skirt
 1950s Pastoral Print Fabric
 Vintage 1950s Skirt
 50s Cotton Skirt
 Vintage Cotton Skirt
 1950s-Vintage Skirt

Head over to Dalena Vintage if you like what you see, and stay tuned for a small collection of blouses that will hit the shop tomorrow. They'll be perfect for pairing with the these skirts!