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Summer doesn't always have to be about bright sunshiny colors. As of late, we've listed a few dresses in muted shades of navy and black that are a nice change during these warm summer months.

 1940s Oxford Breeze Dress
 1960s Jan Morrow Dress
 1950s Forest Waltz Dress

Have a lunch date with your girlfriends? Throw on your favorite dark colored slip, step into this 1940s day dress and head out the door. You're guaranteed to impress!

Need something new to wear to the office? How about a 1960s Jan Morrow dress? This classic navy number, complete with a darling belt that buckles in the back, will unquestionably brighten up the workplace.

Out running errands? Our 1950s Forrest Waltz dress is a summer dream come true. Lightweight and comfy, this is absolutely the way to go while making your way through your list of errands.

 1950s Black and White Gingham Dress

Got a picnic date planned? No problem! This 1950s black and white gingham day dress seems like a perfect fit to us. Remove the petticoat and slip on a pair of sandals for an even more relaxed look.

 1960s Black Cocktail Dress
 1960s Cocktail Dress
 1960s Mini Dress

Attending a summer symphony? Consider this 1960s cocktail dress. The sheer black sleeves will allow the breeze to blow through while outside yet provide a bit of coverage inside the symphony hall.

Fancy cocktail hour at the office? Say yes to this vintage polka dot dress! A modest choice if you're not exactly the flashy type, yet still lighthearted with the ombre polka dot pattern and sheer mesh.

Been invited to a rooftop soiree? All I've got to say is legs! This mini dress doesn't look like much on the dress form, but man oh man is she a stunner. The deep V back trimmed in black bows will knock 'em dead!