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As we've been slowly coming into cooler weather, the debate on adding coats and jackets to our vintage arsenal has been in full swing. (And by this, I mean it's a debate I'm having with myself in my own head.)  Here's the deal, I adore vintage winter wear. In fact, I have several 1940s coats, countless 1970s corduroy blazers and a few fuzzy collared vintage beauties all hanging in my front closet. Living in Texas, these pieces only see the light of day for a couple of months out of every year, yet they hang out there all year, taking up an entire closet.

Maybe now you are seeing the dilemma I'm having in adding coats to the shop?  Allow me to clarify. As you may know, Dalena Vintage is home-based. All of our inventory is kept and stored at home. Yes, we have a studio for the shop but space is still an issue, and most of the time, it spills out into the rest of the house. Jackets are some serious space hogs and while my main concern is storage and space, I'm also wondering if it's something folks would even want to see in the shop. If I got past the storage issue, would they sell or would they take on the demeanor of my personal collection, sitting there all year round? What are your thoughts? Are coats and jackets something you would like to see in the shop?

Speaking of, when was the last time you visited the shop? We've added so many beautiful new pieces since our last Shop Vintage post on the blog, too many to post here really, so I've handpicked a few of our favorites to showcase.