Style Icon | Charlotte Rampling

In 2007, film critic Barry Norman coined the verb to rample, which he described as a woman's ability to reduce a man to helplessness with chilly sensuality, having derived the term from none other than British actress Charlotte Rampling. While her demeanor is said to have an enchanting effect on men, her style undoubtedly elicits a certain amount of envy from women as well (it has in the case of this woman).

Rampling started acting at the age of 17 after having been spotted on the street and asked to appear in a Cadbury commercial. Within just a few short years, her career began to take off, and she secured roles in such films as The Knack (1965), Rotten to the Core (1965) and Georgy Girl (1966). Over the past four decades, she's continued a fruitful career in film, most recently appearing in the British TV drama Broadchurch, which I've been meaning to watch.

Although her style has evolved over the years, it's been marked by simplicity throughout, both on and off screen. Which of her looks inspires you the most?

 Vintage style icon, Charlotte Rampling
 Style icon, Charlotte Rampling
 Charlotte Rampling, 1960s Style Icon
 Vintage style icon, Charlotte Rampling
 Charlotte Rampling, vintage style icon, wearing denim blouse.
 Vintage style icon, Charlotte Rampling
 Fashion icon, Charlotte Rampling
 Vintage style icon, Charlotte Rampling
 Vintage style icon, Charlotte Rampling, 1970s
 Bohemian style
 Classic style
 1970s Style Icon, Charlotte Rampling

On Beauty:  "I think you have to earn it. You can use it or abuse it however you want when you're young. It's a God-given gift. You have a visiting card - you can go into any room and someone will come and talk to you. But I've always thought from very early on that you have to be careful with that - not being vain or narcissistic. Have fun, but don't be obsessed with it." (The Independent, 2014)

On Being a Style Icon:  "I’m very flattered to be called a style icon! But it’s simple, my style; it’s just men’s suits and shoes. That’s the basic premise. Maybe it’s the way I walk in them or wear them – I may be one, but I sort of think why?" (Harper's Bazaar, 2012)

On Refining a Style Identity:  "Go out there and try on everything – short skirts, long skirts, mid length, little jackets, men’s clothing – and really look at yourself, really walk around in the clothes. Don’t just take someone else’s advice, you must feel you in these clothes and feel what it’s like to live in them." (Harper's Bazaar, 2012)