Top 10 | Dapper Ladies in History

I go through phases where my style consists of little more than pants, a tank and a little boy's dress jacket paired with a men's hat, a tie and/or an assortment of vintage pieces I've acquired from my dad and my great uncle over the years. With this in mind this morning, I sat down at my laptop to do my Sunday research, cup of coffee in hand, and decided on the search term "vintage tomboy style". 

This topic is really nothing new to me, so I'm not sure why I felt I'd come across inspiring new photos today. If you're curious, the initial web search led to a lot of Teddy Girls whom I love and confessed said love of back in the early days of the blog. Now, where to find inspiration? Time to rethink. Hmm ... "vintage tomboy styleseemed like such an apt search. A reconsidered "image search" led to many amazing photographs, but not that many in comparison to other more conventional styles. Now why is that? Although I'm posing the question, I'm not going to get into the social politics of why, as that'd be far too much for this quick morning post. I will say, however, that I have an enormous amount of respect for the women in these photos. They weren't afraid to push limits and use their style to flash the proverbial middle finger at societal norms, which is pretty dang amazing in my book.

Feel like discussing the above question or remarking on these ladies' dapper style? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.