Top 10 | Vintage Beach Styles

Now that summer's officially arrived, I've got swimming on my mind nonstop. While I may be land-locked here in Austin and rarely make it to an actual beach, I still manage to get a lot of swimming in during the summer months. If you've ever been in Texas during this time, you know this is an essential part of surviving the brutally unforgiving heat! Thankfully we have easy access to many swimming holes and rivers in the area that are currently flowing abundantly with all the rain we've had this year. 

Simply put, I love summer fashion, and swimsuits happen to be my favorite. My own personal style tends to be pretty laid back; generally, you'll find me on the greenbelt or at the springs in a 1970's bikini, cut-offs, an over-sized hat, my sunnies and loads of sunscreen slathered on, of course - gotta practice good sun safety! That said, I do find inspiration in other styles and decades as well. 

Below are a few vintage photos I'm currently drawing summer beach inspiration from. 

 Vintage beach style. Models in Palm Beach wearing beach pajamas, 1930's.
 Vintage beach style. Two women on the beach near a naval base during WWII. Image via The Sartorialist.
 Vintage beach style. Two women wearing 1930's beach pajamas. Photo by Sven Türck.
 Vintage beach style. A woman poses on a beach wearing a printed balconette bikini. Photo via Getty Images.
 Vintage beach style. Marie McKenna and Gladys Cooling at Southport, 1938. Image via The State Library of Queensland.
 Vintage beach style. The perfect 1950's vintage playsuit!
 Vintage beach style. Love this 1950's swimsuit paired with the perfect vintage round sunnies.
 Vintage beach style. Yoga on the beach, 1940s.
 Vintage beach style. A group of women at the beach wearing sunglasses, 1940s.
 Vintage beach style, 1930s

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