Top 5 | Best Vintage Instagram Shops

As a lover of vintage, one of things I've taken to on Instagram is the number of vintage clothing shops that have sprung up this year. From a customer point of view, I love that vintage clothing on Instagram tends to be less expensive than online shops. And simultaneously, from a seller stand point, I understand (and love) that this is because the overhead is less than that of an actual website and shop/vendor fees are cut to a minimum. Anywho, I digress.  The reason behind this post isn't to discuss the pros and cons of buying and selling vintage clothing on Instagram versus online but to share a few of my favorite vintage Instagram shops. So here they are, the best vintage Instagram shops! 

1. Vacation Vintage (@vacationvintage)

Vacation Vintage is hands down my favorite vintage Instagram shop. Owner Stephanie Samuelson is just about as nice as they come. Several years ago, I ordered a few things from her shop before it was a full-time Instagram gig. Due to my own oversight, I had the package shipped to an old address. Stephanie worked through the issue with ease and grace even though she didn't have to. At the end of the day, I ended up a happy and wowed customer with the added bonus of an adorable 1970's maxi skirt added to my wardrobe. 

2. Gossamer's Insta Shop (@gossamersells)

Gossamer's Insta Shop is just as lovely and ethereal as it's mother shop Gossamer. Expect to find turn-of-the-century through 1980's wedding dresses, party dresses and loungewear all suited for the romantic dreamer. 

3. Cut & Paste Vintage Instashop (@cutxpastesale)

Cut & Paste Vintage Instashop is another Instagram spin off shop featuring what I believe to be overflow and damaged pieces from Cut & Paste Vintage. Search #cxpavailable to see what's still up for grabs!


4. Croatia Vintage Insta Sale (@croatiavintagesale)

Another favorite Instagram vintage feed is Croatia Vintage. Featuring hundreds of steals on reliably cute vintage, this Instagram shop is a great place for older finds including gorgeous Edwardian pieces.

5. 1919 Vintage Sells (@1919vintagesells)

1919 Vintage Sells is a gem when it comes to sweet and simple vintage at super affordable prices. As the InstaSale sister account of Milwaukee-based 1919 Vintage, they feature a plethora of iconic vintage pieces that are ready to wear.

If you're in the mood for even more vintage inspiration on Instagram, check out our favorite vintage Instagram accounts from 2014. Even though it's two years old, we're still in love with these folks! Additionally, we've got our own little Instagram shop, an attic sale of sorts that we like to call Dalena's Attic. If ya don't know, know ya know!

Other Great Vintage Instagram Shops