Women Who Hike | A Collection of Vintage Camping Photos

It's Friday! And all I can think about is getting away for a bit. The past two weeks have been slightly rough. I've had a lot of computer work on my agenda which equates to being stuck at a desk indoors. Changing it up a bit by going to the library, coffee shops and a friend's house has helped ease the cabin fever. However, this coupled with the fact that my husband was ridden with the flu led me feeling pretty cooped up. 

I'm ready for an escape! So tomorrow I'm heading out on a well-needed camping excursion with my husband and the pup. It's only one night but it's something! I still have a number of things left on my to-do list for the week so I have to practice patience a little longer. 

Needless to say though, I've got camping on my mind regardless. No big deal though, I'm turning it into something productive by tacking vintage onto the front and diving into a wormhole of vintage camping photos as I often do with vintage photos. This should hold me over until we hit the road tomorrow. 

Camping has been ingrained in me from a young age. I honestly don't remember when I started camping, it's just always been there, woven into my life. (Thanks for that, mom and dad!) That said, I know it's not for everyone which leads me to the following question. 

How did the idea of leaving a warm home and comfy bed to sleep in a flimsy tent on the hard ground sans modern amenities and cook food over a smoky fire come to be a pastime...And when?

The answer that rolls off my tongue is that it's in our nature as humans to get back to that primitive state, yada yada yada. A common cliche answer but a truthful one. And as for when it became a pastime as opposed to a way of life, well I wasn't sure so I found out a couple early dates for ya. 

The first record I could find of camping in campsites was in 1861 at a place called Gunnery Camp. Founded in Washington, Connecticut, the camp was a place school age boys would go on two-week trips to specifically hike the wilderness area where they set up camp. Activities included hiking, fishing, observing nature and cooking over an open fire. Think summer camp!

The second record I found was the one I was looking for: The first camp that was establish for women. Now that's more like it, I say! Sea Rest a camp located in Pennsylvania that was established by the YWCA in 1874 and catered soley to women. 

So now that I've taken in the direction I initially intended, women camping, let me introduce you to my favorite vintage camping photos, all of women enjoying the great outdoors. Enjoy!

 Vintage Camping Photos /// Vintage photo from 1902 with a caption that reads, "'Ah, there!' Behold, three young ladies of fashion determinedly, though circumspectly, hiking up the Mt. Lowe trail in the year 1902. Mountaineering was quite the thing in those halcyon times, but if anyone had so much as mentioned hiking outfits with 'shorts' to these gals, they probably would have hidden their blushes in the shrubbery."
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Two women hiking Mount Buffalo, Victoria. I'm guessing this was taken around the turn of the century given their clothing.
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Women hiking in the 1920s. I find vintage photos of women camping so inspirational!
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Vintage photo of a couple hiking in the 1920s.
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Vintage photo of a group of women hiking or camping in the 1920s, possibly earlier. 
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Group of girls posing lakeside, enjoying nature.
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Vintage hiking style, 1930s.
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Couple enjoying a camp meal near the river, 1920s.
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Vintage photos of two girls hiking.
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Vintage photo of a woman taking in the view, I'm guessing on a hike or camping trip. 
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Vintage photo of a women in outdoor clothing, circa the 1940s.
 Vintage Camping Photos /// Not exactly sure when this photo was taken but my guess is late 1940s/early 1950s. Such a cute vintage hiking outfit though!