Top 10 | Vintage Photos for Spring Inspiration

Spring is in full force and I've officially cleared my closet of any hints of winter. Now it's time to spruce up my current wardrobe with some fresh vintage finds. These ten vintage photos are where I'm pulling inspiration from this spring. Enjoy!

 Girls in 1940s playsuits

Playsuits. 1940s playsuits are a dream in my book. Effortless yet put together and so fun to wear. If you can't find an authentic 1940s playsuit, jump up a decade to the 1950s. This Rose Marie Reid number from Guermantes Vintage is pretty adorable.

 Renee Perle with floppy hat in the 1920s

Oversized Floppy Hats. This should be a staple in your arsenal of spring accessories. Perfect for keeping you cool as the sun starts to shine a little bit brighter. This straw hat from Darling Vintage is pretty darn cute if you're in the market for one.

 Rita Hayworth in a 1940s Puebla blouse

Puebla Blouses. I'm always always a fan of this Mexican-style blouse. So easy and so perfectly breezy! I've always had luck scouting them out at local thrift stores but then again I am in Texas. Etsy has a decent selection if thrifting doesn't pan out.

 Vintage spring fashion inspiration, 1940s blouse

Off-the-Shoulder Blouses. I absolutely love the look of off-the-shoulder anything although it can be a tricky look to find. If you're crafty and up for the challenge, try finding a vintage pattern and sewing your own.

 Vintage Bohemian style at it's best. Renee Perle, 1920s.

Bohemian Style Bracelets & Rings.  Now it must be said that Renee Perle is one of my top fashion icons. Her bohemian look is unrivaled. I love how she was able to throw on a few bangles and rings and radiate style.

 1950s spring strapless dress

Strapless Dresses. The strapless dress can go super casual or to the nines dressy. Either way I'm smitten. This striped dress is pretty much the perfection in between. Grab a cute shawl or cape and you've got your next spring date night outfit.

 Old Hollywood 1940s glamour

Flowers in Hair. There seems to be a common theme in my spring inspiration: Simplicity. It really doesn't get much easier than pinning a flower in your hair. Out and about? See a beautiful flower? Why not pluck it for your hair! Voila.

 Vintage 1970s eyelet blouse

Eyelet Camisoles. Eyelet. Ribbon. Thin straps. There is no question as to the adorableness of this combo. Whether you're wearing a 1970s bohemian blouse like the above or an antique Edwardian camisole, you're bound to look darling.

 Vintage style icon Brigitte Bardot, 1950s

Full Skirts. Brigitte Bardot sported a lot of number of gathered skirts in the 1950s and 1960s. What I love about her style was that she wore them two ways; full with a crinoline like in the photo above and more free flowing and relaxed like this image.

 Vintage fashion icon Shelley Duvall, 1970s.

Backless Dresses. If you've never seen Robert Altman's film 3 Women, stop reading this post immediately and go watch it. Not only is it a great film, it's filled with fashion inspiration. You'll want to raid Miss Lammoreaux' closet when you're finished!